Sunday, June 3, 2007

For everyone's convenience, here's the list of homework to complete:

-- EL Comprehension, Vocab & Summary {The River Wild}
-- EL Composition {topic from MYE paper1, not attempted before}
-- Grammar Workbook Units 9-10
-- Vocab Workbook Exercises 65-80
-- Sec 2 Theory Workbook pg 12-16, 17-22 + Q8 {chemistry, i don't quite understand this part cos i have yet to check it. so do advise on that. }
-- Chemistry Holiday Worksheet
-- Sec 2 Theory Workbook pg 90-97 {physics}
-- Physics Self-Read Textbook pg 166-180
-- Maths Holiday Assignment : 3 sets of math papers
Selected exercises and questions for Chapters 12 & 13
-- 阅读 "小王子", 请认真理解。
-- 2 sets of 200 words & above 剪报 { clippings from 26/5 /07 - 20/6/07 , entertainment or sports news not accepted.}
-- 作文based on the aftermath reading of 《最后的牛车水》 , write about a tourist spot which left a deep impression be it bad or good. Describe the place and people, also write about your feelings.
-- Read and copy out both 《很多人像你像我》 & 《最后的牛车水》 on 稿字 in neat handwriting. Only original text {as directly translated from the holiday assignment sheet}

-- Physics
Topic: Sound
Details: to cover information from sec 2 textbook pg 201 - 215
presentation starts from term 3, week 2.
please submit your soft copy to the new physics teacher during the first week.
do try to put in all your effort as it comprises as your CA2 marks along with other daily works.
-- Literature
Details: to present the features of the chosen type of poetry {haiku, limerick, acrostic, sonnet, cinquain, ballad, quatrain and lastly free verse.}, 2 examples of chosen poetry{extract/quote from somewhere}, 2 group-created poems of chosen type and acknowledgments.

That's about all, do correct me if I've missed out or listed wrongly any of those stated above, thank you.


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