Sunday, December 23, 2007

EDIT: I've already sent a mail to most of the o4 people, please give your reply asap. Thanks.

AND, do your wanna have lunch or dinner tgt? TAG PLEASE.


I apologise for the lack of updates huh.

Alright, after much consideration, there will still be a gathering. As in a movie gathering.

Date: 25th Dec 2007
Time: 2pm.
Location: Causeway Point.
People: Anyone from 204 who's able to.

About the date, I know it's Christmas, but the day before, which is Monday, is the eve, that's expensive as well, the day before, Sunday, as expensive. So, is it alright then?

25th, celebrate Christmas together mah. More festive. [:

And, your wanna wear christmas hats that day? Go concourse buy! $1 for each hat. Though got alot places sell too. Alright, have a nice day. :D

3:39 PM