Friday, January 11, 2008

Hello o4.

I can say and SEE that a particular member of our class is having alot of fun spamming and flamming at the box to your right. No pin-pointing, no nothing, wanna know who? Check out the convos there, there's a approx. 200 posts there. Happy reading.

What I just wanna say is, if you really feel the need to compare whether your hair or chengwee's hair stinks more or who can play basketball better. Also, who's significant, not, little brother is longer, please go launch a war on some forum where all the other users would delightfully join and the debate, quite a bad idea, will take place.

In simplest words ever, just leave the class tagboard. ALONE.

To those who are better at studies and thereby free to stick your eyes to the computer after school everyday, please go read a full set consisting of thesaurus, dictionary and encyclopedia. Yes, since you're so free. ZhaoHeng, that's you I'm pointing to. Try to get out of the whole "chengwee fan club" thing and enjoy your life by not trying to entertain yourself with every retaliation that comes from chengwee...

As for the other user, Mr ChengWee, I would advise you not to visit the class blog if you really don't want to be bothered by those tags. Freedom of speech, I won't restrict you to post anything offensive but please, get a hold on yourself and if you must, wash your hair and prove to zhaoheng that your hair is clean and free of anything. In turn, check his too, maybe there's some sticky substance left over from whatever he claims to be doing with mingjun.

Apart from them 2, other innocent passerby, please ignore the war there and continue thinking that we o4 people, are kind, sweet and friendly, exclusive of a handful. We do not bite. Thank You.

I have finish my duty of monitoring here. So, if you still insist on declaring who's hair stinks, kindly head to the forums, perhaps Asiasoft? There's alot of flamers there, I think.

Study hard,

Note: if this persist, consider yourselves screwed, the board will be off and everyone will just have to go to Asiasoft for some actions. tyvm and have a nice day.

Yet another note: I know I'm cool, thank you! Haha, alright, I hope the matter has been resolved, anything else, fight it among yourself, not on this pathetically dead blog only recently revived by this episode. I'll appreciate that. A LOT. [:
Enjoy school!

11:18 PM


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

arh how are you all the new class
gettin used to them yet?
sad that we are lyk dispersed all over {?}
why can't we just stay in the same class for 4 years
do you all still wan CHALET durin the holida?

wish that you all haven forgot abt this class blog yet


8:59 PM