Wednesday, October 24, 2007


just to let everyone be able to refer to here if they lose their copy..

List of things to bring
Money for own expenses (food, own activities)
Recommended amount: $20 (if you have not paid) + $20 for any meals or spending.
As this chalet is a 3days 2 nights one, 2 sets of clothes per day would be fairly enough.
Note: 1 set of dark clothing for water games.
Toothbrush, tooth paste
Sharing of tooth paste recommended as there’s only one toilet.
Medication (if any)
Hp charger
Footwear, flip-flops/ slippers recommended.
Jacket (optional)
Insect repellant
Torchlight(ghost stories!)
Card games
Snacks (personal)
Sun block
Swimming costume (if you really want?)
Maggee Mee

Rules to follow:
Be back at the chalet (inside) lastest 2AM.
The resort will have a gate curfew as well, so try not to stay out late and get locked.
No ball games allowed.
In the night, those who are going out no matter the distance, must be in groups of more than 3, for girls, there must be at least ONE guy to accompany them.
Everyone must have each other’s contact numbers.
Those without hand phones, try to stick with those who have.
Inform anyone to let them be aware of where you are going to.
No uncensored stuffs.
No disputes or quarrels.
Refrain from vulgarities.
No unauthorized usage, for harming/teasing , of handphones/camera to videotape anyone not aware of it.
Please change into clean clothes daily.
Label your food if it’s not for sharing.
Aim properly in the toilet. (for guys, and girls if applicable.)

Brief run through of activities for the 3days 2nights gathering
Day 1,
Main activity: BBQ.
Free time during afternoon and night after BBQ.
Day 2,
Main activity: Class games.
Breakfast, delivery.
Lunch to be settled on your own.
Dinner, at foodcourt nearby.
Day 3,
Rise and shine, pack up.

have fun peeps! :D

OH YEA, bring some dark clothing cos we're playing water games second day, it's quite optional if you wanna show off your body? hmm, just informing some people who are already not comfortable with water games. blah.

also, we're gonna have some farewell party on friday for ms ng. afterall, we spent 2 years looking at her face. just contribute a 'lil money ($3), be there, eat and have fun. &it's during school hours in school premises [:

lastly, hope everyone would keep in contact ah. 2 more days left to fight with one another. make it worthwhile! for those who really don't like 04, well, i can't say i exactly like o4, but there were memories. so appreciate the time you have left and think of why you hate dislike o4 that much, maybe there wouldn't be a class for you to dislike anymore. right?

all the best to everyone! (:

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